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Starting in January 2020, we're launching the New Writer's Program, which will make it easier than ever to get your work edited and finalized for publication.

Founder: Amy Maranville


My background

My experience, like my personality, is eclectic. I've written and published six picture books, and ghost-written 10 romance novels. I've also written testimony presented to the U.S. Congress, and helped multi-national banks meet their regulatory requirements.

In addition to writing things on my own, I've helped many people, including accountants, military officers, drag queens, and computer programmers, to find their own voices and develop as writers. That's the legacy I hope to build on as I grow Kraken Communications.

I have a BA from Smith College in English literature and anthropology, as well as an MA in children's literature from Simmons College.

Client Works

Bindiya in India


Monique Chheda worked with Kraken's editor to hone and polish "Bindiya in India," which is now being published by Mango and Marigold Press!

The Ultimate Playdate Guide


We were lucky enough to work with Janine Halloran on her fabulous book. Visit Amazon to see her books!

Finding Om


Rashmi Bismark wrote her first picture book last year. She used our editor to help her navigate the new world of picture books!

Amy Maranville's Works

Hanuman and the Orange Sun


Amal's Eid


Amal's Ramadan


Padmini is Powerful


Harini & Padmini Say Namaste


Hanuman Moves a Mountain


What We Do


Website Copy & Content

Looking to revamp your website text to attract more customers? Kraken has worked with many business owners looking to draw their audience to their pages. We know how to structure your text for SEO, and to help your readers navigate your pages.

Editorial Support & Document Management

Our founder worked in the corporate space for years, managing teams of writers and working with graphic designers to create large-scale reports for Congress and other government bodies. 

As such, we are well-versed in working on difficult or potentially unwieldy projects with moving parts. Multiple authors? Multiple documents? Multiple format styles? No problem. We can't wait to dive in.

Writing Support

Do you have an idea or a piece of writing that needs some editing support? Our consulting prices are set to match your budget, and can be tailored to your needs.

For the last three years, Kraken founder Amy Maranville has supported authors in their journey to create picture books, YA stories, and adult fiction. Support includes line edits, yes, but also content reviews, tutorials on picture book styles and layout, and assistance with illustration directions. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

Every project is unique, but we always think it's helpful to have a sense of what things might cost. Standard pricing is $80 an hour. However, we structure our pricing to match your needs. 

Fixed or flat-rate pricing is also available.


What can you actually do to help?

Just like a personal trainer can help you hone the physical skills you want to improve, a writing coach can pinpoint your challenges and help you improve your writing. So for instance, if you're writing a picture book, you would need a certain number of pages, a template to structure the work, and a coach who knows the industry specifics. We provide all of those.

If you're writing a longer text, like a novel, you'll need an outline and some clear parameters on word count, chapter length, POV, voice consistency, etc. Your coach would support you in these efforts.


Do you do in-person meetings?

If you're local to the Greater Boston area, we are happy to meet in person. We also do video conferencing as often as possible if we can't meet in person, so you can get as much personal interaction as you need. 

Of course, if you don't want to meet in person, everything can be done through email too!

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